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But, How do I Pray?

But, How do I Pray?

As I sit in my office, which is McDonalds for the day might I add. They have free WiFi and $2 Frappes. So I'm WINNING! I like to call them a hope and a dream. LOL, Seriously though as I sit here in my element, a thought crossed my mind. Prayer! I’ve noticed a change in my prayer life lately. I have been praying continuously. I mean I’ve always had a healthy prayer life, but there has been a change as of late. I feel more intune with God as a result and it feels amazing.

Prayer used to intimidate me. Like it was hard for me to pray because I’ve heard some people pray and I would think to myself,” I sound nothing like that.” Their prayers sounded so “real” and here comes little ol me with the simplest prayer ever. See, what I've learned is that prayer is communication with God. It’s one of the ways we have a relationship with Him. Everyone’s relationship with him is different. I had to find my own voice to God and stop trying to be like others. No, my prayers don’t sound like the pastor's, but God hears me just the same.

God is my dad. So, as my dad I can come to Him personally, which means I can come to Him in my way. I don’t have to say “Oh holy one of Israel, Oh great Father of the Universe. I can say Hey Dad, Dear Heavenly Father, What up Pops, insert your lingo here. When I come to God in my way He knows I’m not putting on an act. It’s really me talking to Him, therefore He can hear me truly. Reminder: God can't bless who you pretend to be. Stop modeling those around you and be yourself. Even in prayer. It’s not about who has the best sounding prayer. It’s about coming to God as real as you know how and being intimate with Him. I have attached a must see video below. Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church breaks down why prayer is important and practical ways to do it. Check out the video below!

Have you ever felt like you didn't know how to pray?

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