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Talk it Out

Talk it Out

I'm giving away free…

Well now that I have your attention, let’s talk about something near and dear to my heart, Suffering in silence… In our community it seems that so many people are against seeking professional help when it comes to our mental stability. We go through many different things in our lives and we seek help for only some of those things. Many of us are deciding to deal on our own when we should talk it out! “Talk to me baby" don't ask me why that song came to mind but hey, you get the point. LOL

Back to the topic at hand… When we are seriously injured, we see a doctor. When our stomach is growling for dear life, we visit the groccery store. When it comes to our mental well being, that's a whole different story. We run in the opposite direction. Not wanting to be a burden on anyone. No, just me? Too many times I have suffered with problems, depression, anxiety and so much more, ALONE. I wore my mask of happiness, but deep down inside I was hurting. It wasn’t that I was embarrassed to talk through my issues, I just didn't want to be a burden, not even on a therapist. Does this sound familiar? We all have our excuses, I say excuses because that's what they are. We don't want to seem crazy, we don't want to be a burden, we don't want people in our business, etc. All Excuses! It's time for that to cease because we are slowly killing ourselves trying to fight a fight that we weren't built to fight alone. I am a prayer warrior. I believe prayer changes things, and it definitely does. But, I also believe that God puts people on this earth to help us through this battle, to unpack and deal with the things that are bigger than us.


I’ve been hearing way too many stories of people committing suicide. It seems the rate has grown rapidly. I see too many people try to face things alone because of one of the excuses above. People are laying in the hospital, literally sick because of stress, depression, anxiety and life's problems. It’s time for us to stop suffering in silence and talk it out. It’s good to talk to friends and family, but sometimes we need more. Sometimes you need an unbiased party, who’s not going to say I know how you feel, but someone to help you unpack and move forward.

I've learned that I have to walk it like I talk it. So, I haven't been talking all this cash money stuff in vain. I've actually reached out to a friend of mine, who happens to be a therapist in hopes of getting some professional help myself. Please check out my interview with her here. Hopefully, the questions I had are the same ones you are thinking and if you need more all of her info is attached in the interview. So what are you waiting for? Check out “Talk it Out interview with Shandelynn Hillard” NOW!

**After I already had this post scheduled to post for today, yesterday someone near and dear to me was battling with thoughts of suicide. Not wanting to be a burden, she decided not to talk to anyone about her feelings until she was at the point of suicide. I thank God she didn't do it! But, that doesn't erase the hurt she feels inside. Reach out to your strong people. They are also battling things that we have no clue about. Let's all make an effort to Talk it Out!

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Talk it Out Interview with Shandelynn Hillard

Talk it Out Interview with Shandelynn Hillard

Finding time for God in the chaos of Motherhood

Finding time for God in the chaos of Motherhood