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Passion for Fashion Interview  with La Vondra Green

Passion for Fashion Interview with La Vondra Green

I got to meet a form of black girl magic in the flesh. Ms. La Vondra Green of La Maison de Classe Boutique. She has a spirit of gold. Along with her beauty, intelligenence, and selflessnes, she has a passion for fashion. Meeting her inspired me in so many ways, so I thought why not share some inspiration with you guys…

Please introduce yourself for our readers.

I am La Vondra Green, and I am the CEO of La Maison de Classe Boutique. I opened my business in January of 2016. I have always possessed a great passion and admiration for fashion. I’ve always wanted to inspire young girls and women via fashion. I want every woman to know and feel she is beautiful. My boutique presently sells unique and classy women’s handbags, jewelry and clothing. Sizes in clothing range from XS-3X. My goal is for every customer to feel classy, comfortable, stylish and beautiful in my merchandise.

What inspired the La Maison de Classe brand?

Over ten years ago, I traveled to New York with my mother and assisted her in selecting items for her boutique ( which I named). I absolutely fell in love with the process, and I knew owning a boutique was something I always wanted to do. I shadowed her for almost 2 years and worked as my mom’s assistant salesperson. Being such hands on with my mom’s boutique started the fire to have my own and look at me now.

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur?

I have always desired to be an entrepreneur. On my paternal side of my family, there is an ample amount of entrepreneurs. In fact, my mother and father are both presently entrepreneurs, and have been for several years. Watching those two assured me that I could do it also.

Life as an entrepreneur is hard work. There can be many ups and downs. What drives you to continue to pursue your business in difficult times?

If you are a business owner or have some sort of business background then you understand that business may not always be successful or profitable immediately. I am aware and a firm believer that success comes with hard work and dedication. I’m highly dedicated and patient when it comes to my boutique. My mindset is to stay busy and do what it takes to build and make my business a success. Sometimes that means early mornings and late nights. Of course, there are times when I become frustrated sometimes there are big losses, and even unsuccessful events, but my passion and dedication keeps me going. I have a strong faith in God, and I hear him telling me to continue going and moving forward with my plan. This keeps me motivated and it also keeps me encouraged during the difficult times.

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

In the next five years, I would love for my online sales to increase tremendously. I would also like to have a store front location in New Orleans. To have my business expand globally is a dream I am working really hard towards. I also want to eventually travel to California, New York, Las Vegas, etc. to purchase merchandise for my boutique. I thoroughly enjoy networking, and connecting with other women. So my vision of expansion will help to reach so many more women like me. Hopefully, everything will come together soon.

La Vondra you wear so many hats. You are a mom, business owner, boss and so much more, how do you balance it all?

I wear many, many hats! I believe if a person wants to do something, they will find a way to do it. Fortunately, I am able to balance my time because I have a flexible schedule, and I have an awesome support system in place. Also, the man above gives me the strength to be able to do so.

With all of that being said, what advice would you give someone wanting to open their own boutique?

Go for it! If you believe this is your calling, strive to be the best you can be and dedicate yourself fully. Commitment is pertinent to this business! Some people enter this business for the wrong reasons. More than likely, their business won’t survive long. When your heart and passion is there, your business will thrive. Being a business owner and entrepreneur is no easy task! Nonetheless, it is a blessing, and it can open many doors for you. My advice is to give it your all! Don’t quit! Work hard and know the sky is the limit!

Where to Find La Vondra:

Instagram: @lamaisondeclasse


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