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Be about It

Doing some self reflection and I just learned that I do way too much talking. I am pretty shy in person, but I be talking and talking and talking to myself. No I am not crazy, I am a creative. (LoL) What I realize now is that there's no action being taken behind the words that leave my mouth. Saying things like " I want to do this or I'm going to do that." Still no action. Let me tell you something about life. Life will get your mind right, you hear me.


There is this saying “don’t talk about it, be about it!” Speaking this saying has become apart of life for me. Being that I talk too much. Doing all that talking and not backing it up. I made 32 years old last Friday and I made a promise to myself. I’m done talking about it, from now on I am gonna be about it. My first “be about it” moment for this year was on my birthday. If you don’t know by now, on my birthday I released my first E-book. Yayyyy! "Strut Don't Stress" Tap the link and get your copy. (Wink) I'll tell you a secret, I almost talked myself out of releasing my book. Shhhh! Sometimes I just don't know when to shut up. I got quiet for a minute and I did it. I released my book and made a some sales too. Go girl! * note I buck myself up on occasion as well. If I hadn't got out of my own head and been about what I've been talking about I wouldn't be here in this moment. Struting all up in this confidence.

Writing has always been a passion of mine and all my life I’ve been talking about being a writer. Not aloud but maybe only to myself. Y'all know I do this. To have released my E-book feels so amazing, yet nerve wrecking. Even after I have put myself out there, still I find myself talking too much. It’s funny that I wrote a book on confidence and here I am sounding every bit of the opposite. I made this promise to myself and guess what I’m sticking to it. Too often in my life I have let my thoughts and my mouth keep me from being great. Not anymore! I’m done talking about it now I gotta be about it. There is so much more that I want out of this life and no longer will this mouth keep me bound.


Listen to me Sis, it's time to get to werk! Let's leave all that talking in the past and be about it. Everything we want is ours. Everything we need to be great is inside of us. You are who you believe you are!! So, cut the negative self talk and STRUT! I believe I am a woman that's bout it! Im bout my goals and everything I set my mind to. Im bout it all and I'm done talking about it, I’m living it. Like my girl Koreylle said its time to WERK. God ain't blessing what you talk about. He blesses what you werk at. I learned today that werk means the effort and energy you put into yourself and not others, which is w(o)rk. So you gonna keep running yo mouth or you gonna be about that life?

I'm asking you today, are you gonna be about it or just talk about it? Live yo life girl, stop talking about it and get to werk! Strut in knowing who you are and be bout it, bout it!!

Are you bout it Sis?

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