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Audaciously 32: 6 Ways to Thrive in your Thirties

Audaciously 32: 6 Ways to Thrive in your Thirties

Today is my Birthday!!! I embark on the journey that is 32. God has blessed me to walk 32 years on this earth and that's a true blessing. Life is so short and to be here this long, I am grateful. I know I am still young with a whole lotta life left to live, but as of late it seems like my people are dying younger and younger. To still be here shows just how much I am blessed. As I look over my past years I can't help but realize how the life I planned for myself has not become my reality. I am happy with the life I have but, if I'm being honest it's not quite what I pictured for myself. I've learned so much and watched my life transition from struggling to thriving. The statement " when you know better, you do better" is definitely true. Now that I have the experience of 30 and some change I can drop a few gems to help you thrive as well. Although I'm just 30 and couple pennies, I've learned a lil life that has helped me thrive in my thirties! So if you tryna get yo whole, life listen up.


6 ways to thrive in your thirties

1. Audacity.

Shhh it's the secret! Girl if you wanna live your best life I've learned that it takes audacity. You gotta be bold and stop playing yourself. How you sleep on your own self? Have the audacity to show up and be the best version of yourself. Unapologetically! No apologies, no worry, no fear! Have the audacity to speak and live your truth. For way too long I was afraid to show up as myself. Once I stepped into the confidence inside of me it unleashed the idea of audacity. I had to be bold and walk in my purpose. Now I'm like Lil Nas X, "can't tell me nothing." Be audacious in all that you do. The theme of this year for me is Audaciously 32. For more info on how to walk into your confidence get my ebook here.

2. Squad up.

S q u a d U p. Yall know I'm a lil wayne fan. Weezy said can't do nothing without out my squad and I feel the same way. I need my people. They make me whole. Listen, in order to thrive you need a squad. “You need a squad!” Saying it louder for the people in the back! There's no way to live your best life all by yourself. Whether you're an extrovert or introvert you need people to hold you up, hold you down and ride for you while you ride for them. What you don't need is "yes men." People that uphold your BS and don't challenge you in any way. People want cosigners when they need counsel. Not me, I dont need anybody around me that's gone AMEN everything I say. I need somebody to tell me when I'm wrong. Support me through my process. Be my strength when I'm too weak and motivate me through this race of life. That's what my squad does for me. There would be no me without them. Assemble your squad and live your best life.

3. Ask for help.

ASK FOR HELP!!! I think I may have just said a cuss word. We as women feel like we have to be a Superhero in everything we do. It's cool to be a superhero but, when all the superheroes come together they become the Avengers. They can't take on the big task by themselves. They need eachother to win the war. Y'all I'm done tryna be super all by myself. I understand that it is impossible and im done trying to live up to this standard that women have to do it all with no help. This is where that squad comes in handy. In my 32 years I've realized that I can't do it all and I'm not doing it all! This girl is asking for help. For a long time I let my pride keep me from thriving. I would be too proud and sometimes too fearful to ask anybody for help. Not anymore!! Think about the most successful people in the world, they have teams of people helping them be great. So why in the world am I trying to do it all by myself? Sis, I don't know about you but, I'm asking for help. You betta get like me and let that pride go. You'd be surprised how much help you can get by simply asking for it.

4. Faith.

God comes first in my life. Periodt! In my short years of living I have learned that it is better to walk by faith than by sight. What I see has nothing on what my God can do. God has been with me all my life and baby He aint going no where. He has opened doors, healed me and made more ways than I can say. I couldn't imagine my life without Him. I have learned that things happen, storms come, but God will carry you through it all. In order to thrive you absolutely need faith in God. I truly believe I can do all things through Christ and that's how I live my best life.

5. Vulnerability.

I'm done living up to the hype. To thrive in my life I had to become vulnerable. Trying to be the strong person all the time is not living. It's not real life. Be who you are, your true self and live it to the fullest. Feel all the feels, that is okay. Stop being "strong" and feel. Not only is it okay to feel but express said feelings. In order to truly thrive you have to open your self up and be who you really are. Stop putting on the facade and BE YOU!!

6. Never ever give up.

So many times in life I have wanted to give up. I've wanted to give up on myself, my purpose, my life, everything. Something I've learned is trying and failing is better than not trying at all. Giving up is not an option for me, even when it feels like I can't finish this race of life. That's where my faith comes in at. I tell myself all the time YOU GOT THIS!! I do but, only if I never give up, so my advice to you is don't ever give up. THRIVE!!


As I walk into year 32 I am filled with joy. I have lived and learned. Although I still have much living and much learning to do, I am blessed to have found how to thrive in this world. Life is what you make it. You can be afraid to face your fronts and let life pass you by or you can do as I have decided. I have decided to live my life AUDACIOUSLY. Taking on whatever comes my way with boldness. One of my friends reminded me that life is like a roller coaster. It's filled with many ups, downs, twists and turns. Remember roller coasters were created for enjoyment and so is life. Throw your hands up and yell at the fun times. Know some of the ride will be uneasy, but you'll get through it. The ride may be frightening but be audacious enough to hop on anyway. Having learned these 6 things I finally know what it means to live my best life. Cheers to year 32!

What are some ways you have learned to thrive in your life?

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