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Get your dating life poppin

Get your dating life poppin

Dating is essential in any relationship. Life constantly throws responsibilities, problems, and many "to-dos" at us and dating can act as peace in this busy world. Not only can it be peace, but statistics show that couples who date once a month tend to last longer. Dating is a break from the norm and a chance to hang with the love of your life. Although Bae and I don’t get out to date much, we try to do it on occasion. It is always good to have a date night with your spouse at least once a month. The excuses I usually hear from couples that don't date are they don’t know what to do because of lack of money or because they have kids. Well, we have both problems so here I am to the rescue. I have compiled a list of my husband and I's favorite places to go on dates and few we plan on getting to this year. All of these are low cost ideas you and your spouse can do to get your date life popping again.



We love bowling. When in doubt on where to go, we'll almost always end up at the bowling alley. Our competitive sides come out when bowling because now that I have gotten a little better I always want to win lol. Secretly I think he lets me win sometimes. Bowling is so much fun and is also a stress reliever. It is an awesome way to release the stress of your work and home life. Wanna make it more fun? Make little cute bets with your partner. We have bet on chores, who will bathe the kids, sexual favors, etc. Make it fun for you both! Don't break this magical rule! *Always, Always search groupon for deals. There's almost always a good deal for bowling on groupon.


Checking out new movies has always been a go to date for my husband and I. This has been our "since been" activity. Before we got married and were just dating we would go to the movies every single Monday. We called it "Movie Monday." We shared the same off days from work back then and every Monday we would go see the lastest flick out. We still visit the movies on occassion, especially when something watch worthy comes out, but it's not a weekly ritual of ours anymore. Catching a cool flick with your partner is amazing because it evokes conversation after. We are apart of the AMC Stubs community so we enjoy tons of deals like $5 Tuesday's. The movies can be pretty pricey, but planning ahead is key. Try matinees instead of going late in the evening or night time. You can also join members exclusive clubs like AMC Stubs and take advantage of the deals they offer.


Now this the one right here. The no excuse date night that anybody can enjoy. Have kids and no money? Y'all can still date, let me tell you how. "Netflix and Chill!" This has replaced our Movie Monday ritual. Listen with two kids and hard jobs, Netflix is our safe haven. We can send the kids off to play or wait until they fall asleep and binge watch a series or catch a movie. Dim the lights, pop some popcorn, pour up the wine and dive in. Watching movies comfortably on our sofa trumps spending tremendous amouts of money at AMC anyday. We can cuddle comfortably as well. Some don't consider netflixing a date, but dating is all about spending time with your partner right? In my book it's the perfect date for dating on a budget. Be creative with the space your going to watch the movie in. That'll make it feel more date-ish. Don't sleep on Netflix and chill.


Riding bikes through our city is on our dating bucket list. All around New Orleans we've been seening these cool blue bikes. Well after some research I've realized that they are pretty cheap to rent. For about $6/hour we can ride all around the city. Blue Bikes also offers monthly rates as well. I ’s really cool because we don't have to bring the bikes back to the location we rented them. We can return them at any blue bike station. Riding bikes is super refreshing. It accounts for a workout too. While riding through the city you can sight see, hit up a bar, visit the park, the possibilities are endless. So get out and ride with your spouse. Summers here in the NO are torturous so we'll probably save this activity until fall.


My husband and I aren't really big drinkers, but we have a drink or two on occasion. There are bars literally EVERYWHERE in New Orleans, so this is probably the easiest date to plan for us. Most bars have gaming like pool tables, darts, etc, so that makes for a good time as well. Some of my husband and I's best conversations were had sitting in a bar over drinks. Let's face it bar food is like the absolute best, so take advantage of this! Nobody can pass up some bomb hot wings and their favorite beverage. I know I can't, mention hot wings and I'm there. Speaking of wings our favorite bar to visit is St Lawrence, here in New Orleans. It is located in the french quarter area so stop by. The drinks are amamzing. Our friends put us on to this place and we have favored it since. Another way to spice it up is to role play. Act as strangers meeting for the first time in a bar. Having fun is the goal. Although we frequent bars role play is on our dating bucket list. I'll tell yall how that goes.


So I just realized how amazing happy hours are. Food and drinks at a discounted price is LIFE. I love to eat, as you can probably tell by now. My husband and I like to eat out but we have just discovered the joy of happy hours. Most restaurants have really good happy hour deals, so take that opportunity to try new or expensive restaurants. Knock out two birds with one stone with this one. Saving and dating!!


In our many years together I don’t think my husband and I have ever had a picnic. I guess our idea of picnics is crawfish and daiquiris LOL. Which don't get me wrong is the absolute best, but we are gonna give the whole picnicing experience a try this year. So on our dating bucket list we add picnics. Picnics are cool because you can order take out or prepare your own food. Who doesn't love options? Soaking up the sun and spending quality time with your spouse, can you say WIN WIN! Bring some board games, cards or other activities you enjoy and vibe out.


Marriage ministry is one of my favorite date night activities. Our church has a married couples ministry where we meet once a month to discuss marital issues and fellowship. Every other month we go out and do a date night as a group. It is amazing. The oldest couple has been married for over 40 years and the youngest with one year under their belt. The room is always full of wisdom. We get together discuss different topics that can help make our marriages stronger and lasting. Each month a different couple chooses a topic or activity and we dive in. They say when you get married, get you some married friends and let me tell you that is true. It's refreshing to recieve insightful advice from people who've been in your shoes. Everyone is so real and welcoming and I love it. Spending intimate time with like minded people is slways a treat. Go find your tribe and get out and DATE.

Trust me I understand that money may be funny. I understand that the kids have countless activities going on. I even understand that life gets in the way and dating seems to be less and less important, but dating is essential to your relationship. Make some time for eachother. Have fun, rekindle the sparks, and enjoy time with your spouse. No talking about work, no talking about the kids, put the phones down and enjoy eachother. I know better than anyone what financial strains feel like so this list can help anyone who is going through that. Ladies it doesn't always have to be fancy and expensive! Now dump the excuses and get to dating!

Do you and your spouse date? What are some date night activities you enjoy together?


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