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Break Out, Before You Break Down.

Break Out, Before You Break Down.

Last Monday my little baby girl turned one year old. We celebrated last Sunday by throwing her first birthday party at our home. And let me just say I AM NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN. (LOL) But seriously, it was completely stressful. I've given my six year old plenty of birthday parties and I must admit some have definitely stressed me but this was a whole new experience for me.  She enjoyed herself and I guess that's what really matters.

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The week of the party was my long work week, I had worked Monday thru Saturday, so I hadn't had a break. I really didn't have a chance to have things in order the way I would like because I was getting off after 6 PM every night, can you say stressful. Then to add to my stress my good friend called and mentioned she'd purchased tickets to mom's night out, which just so happened to be  was the night before the party. AAAAHHHHHHHHH! "Kristian I cannot go to this event the night before my baby's party. I have way too much to do."  She says, "but you need a break."  I think to my self " well you do need a break,  but girl you cant afford this break right now, maybe next time" I started thinking of ways to get out of this, maybe I'll just renig at the last minute, but she spent too much money on the tickets. " I'm sure there's another mom she knows that needs a break just as much as I do," I started to think.  Ugh I'll just go!


To my surprise we had an awesome time.  There was food,drinks, samples, freebies and activities . Even the music was good.  We danced, we ate, and we ate and danced. Speaking of such I have to make my way to The Rum House that food was so delicious.   I had what they call "the rundown," it was sooooo good.  Jumbo Shrimp in a creamy red curry sauce over coconut mango rice.  Delicious!  The blackened fish from Estrella's Steak and Lobster was pretty good as well. Of course I had to indulge in a red velvet cupcake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  I was in heaven!! I was only gone a few hours but this was just the break I needed. I even won a free manicure from Chronos.   As the night went on I started to feel a little relieved that had gone. I met some really cool people and left with some really cool items, but most importantly I was able to break away from my reality.  Just for a moment I was able to be carefree.  The stress of planning a party, my continuous thoughts of do you have this or that, on top of my everyday stresses with work,  home and the kids had me all messed up, but the time I spent out I didn't think of any of that.  I just enjoyed the company of my friends. We had plenty of laughs and we all needed to "break out."


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Too often we wrap ourselves into everything but ourselves.  We are there for our husband's and their every day needs, the kids and their never ending needs, work, school,  businesses, friends and so on. It NEVER stops. It is so important that you break out, just for a little while to breathe and take time for yourself. You need it. I know you are SUPER- woman, SUPER-mom, SUPER-wife, SUPER-friend, and SUPER-employee, but guess what? Super heroes  need a break too. Going to moms night out made me realize I had to break out before I broke down. Because I felt the break down coming on.  Every day life is overwhelming. Break out from your everyday norms every now and then. You need it, even if it seems like the worst idea in the most inopportune time, SO WHAT, everything will work out anyway. Take that time for yourself before you break down and it's too late.  Care about yourself enough to be a little selfish with your time.



New Orleans Mom's Blog's," Moms Night Out" was just the break I needed.  Although the timing didn't seem good to me.  It ended up being perfect.  The time away was relaxing and actually rejuvenating.   Another way I like to break away is by bubble bath. My family knows if mom is in the tub, do not bother her!!! Its my time to just sit, relax, and most times read my bible. I ignore all request and constant "ma, mom, moma" calls. I know it sounds harsh, but it's so worth it. The family can live for an hour without me. And your family can too.  If you're anything like me you may feel like there's no way you can factor in me time to your very busy schedule.  But one thing I've learned is that if you don't take care of yourself then you wont be able to take care of anybody else. Be a little selfish sometimes to take care of yourself. Break away before you break down!!

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Let's talk about it.  What are some ways you break away from your busy everyday life?

Move Outta God's Way

Move Outta God's Way

"How I went from poor me, to please pour me a drink and celebrate with me"

"How I went from poor me, to please pour me a drink and celebrate with me"