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Move Outta God's Way

Move Outta God's Way

God does not need our help!  There is nothing we can do that He can't.  God's ways and thoughts are way higher than ours.  We can't even begin to think the thoughts of Him.  Why when we bring our problems to Him do we try and find our own solutions?  When we bring our problems to God we should bring it all to Him and leave it with Him.  We should not pick and choose the things we will allow God to handle and what we will handle on our own.  God is able to do all things but fail.  God cannot lie nor can He fail.  The bible tells us "be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God." (Philippians 4:6)  It does not say pray and worry or pray and help God figure out a solution to your problem.  

I prayed to God yesterday about my financial situation.  I asked Him to remove my financial strain and help me to make better decisions concerning money.  In my heart I knew God would bless me and work it out, I had no doubts.  But immediately after I prayed I found myself strategizing on how to fix my own problem. MAJOR MISTAKE!  I started to think of ways to get the money I needed and people I could ask to borrow from.  In mid thought I burst into laughter, I literally LOL.  I had to.  Here I was planning, strategizing and thinking of ways to do what I had just asked God to do.  "Really Yadie!"  God does not need my help, I had to tell myself.  We do this too often. We pray and ask God to fix somethings in our lives or bless us with something, but before He can even perform the task,  we stand in the way with our own resolutions. God doesn't work on our time schedule but He's always right on time.  Move outta His way and let Him bless you.


This experience made me think about how many other times I may have gotten in God's way of blessing me.  When we pray we must have faith that God will grant our wish.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)  So when we pray, we must pray knowing God first hears us and second He will bless us without a doubt.  We shouldn't lean to our own understanding.  Leaning to our own understanding is getting in God's way.   Most times when we get in God's way, He lets us.  It's a teaching opportunity for Him.  When we try to figure things out on our own and fail.  God sits back and says I told you I got you, but you said you had it so I let you do you.  Sounds familiar?  Just like parenting, you tell your child to wait, but they insist on doing things their way and in their timing and end up coming right back to you for a solution.  

We must learn how to step aside and let God do what He said He would.  Get out of His way and have faith.  Tamela Mann has a song called "step aside."  In this song she says :                  

"If you would step

Step aside

Get out of His way

My God will fix it for ya

Lean on Him

Cast your cares on Him

Lean not to your own understanding

My God will work it out" 

Cast all your cares on God.  He will provide, He will bless you, and it'll be in His way and in His time.  Stop trying to fix the things you ask God to fix.  I'm glad I caught myself in the midst of leaning to my own understanding.  Because my knowledge is finite, but God knows all and He has the power to fix me and whatever I need.  Let's step aside and move out of God's way, because when our way doesn't work we will be right back praying asking Him to fix it and it could have been already been done if we were not standing in the way.

Have you been standing in the way of your own blessings? Step aside and MOVE OUTTA GOD'S WAY


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