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Gryph and Ivy Rose Product Review

Gryph and Ivy Rose Product Review

I don’t really like to try new products on my kid’s skin, because we all have very sensitive skin. I usually go for what I know to avoid breakouts and things of the sort. So, if I’m being honest I was a little skeptical to try out Gryph and Ivy Rose’s bubble bath and body oil that we were gifted. The packaging was absolutely adorable and I couldn’t resist. After carefully reviewing the ingredients and researching the company, I gave it a try. Let me just say I would be highly upset with myself if I hadn’t started using these products. My kids and I actually love them.


Bath time is my two year old daughter’s favorite time of the day, so it was only right that we try out the Poppin’ Bubble Bath first. It only took a little to fill the tub up to my little mermaid’s liking. She’s definitely a water baby and it gets a little crazy when you add bubbles to the mix. She splished and splashed and had a blast. After a few weeks and no problems with her skin I was sold. Might I add the bubble bath is fragrance free. I love this because it keeps her lady parts safe. I love to see my kids happy and bubble bath makes my daughter happy. To know this bubble bath from Gryph and Ivy Rose is safe, fragrance free, and made with organic ingredients right here in the United States keeps a smile on both our faces. I think we’ve found a winner.


I was sold on the bubble bath but, when I tried out the Knight in Armor body oil , I was mesmerized. This product is like a little piece of heaven in a bottle. The smell reels you in before you even apply it. It’s scent is juniper citrus and it smells so good. The body oil moisturizes my kid’s skin and keeps it really soft. Since using this we rarely use other lotions because it keeps their skin well moisturized. My favorite part about the Knight in Armor body oil is it helps with eczema. Both my kids and I suffer from eczema. Since we’ve started to use this body oil, I’ve noticed less flare ups. When the flare ups do arrive, the body oil seems to clear it right up. This product is also made with all natural ingredients.


It’s safe to say that we have become members of the #GIRfamily. If you haven’t tried Gryph and Ivy Rose’s product, what are you waiting for? Don’t worry if you don’t have kids you can use the products on yourself. I have to admit I’ve been using the oil myself. These products are awesome and have become one of my family’s favorites. If you are looking for naturally luxurious, harsh chemical free and herbal blend masterfully crafted products, give Gryph and Ivy Rose a try. They have a range of products including chocolate probiotics, bath and body essentials, and even herbal elixirs. Check out their website here and get yours today. I can't wait to try more from this company.

Have you tried any of Gryph & Ivy Rose's products? What are your favorite bath products for your kids?

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