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Summertime Lips: My favorite lipsticks for Summertime

Summertime Lips: My favorite lipsticks for Summertime

The land of makeup can be very overwhelming. There are tons of products and if you are anything like me then you have no clue where to even begin. I find myself watching tutorials and NEVER achieving the looks. It's all too much for me and I have decided to leave it to the pros. I do have to admit that I LOVE LOVE LOVE lippies though. Some people are make up junkies, I am a lip junkie. [Lol] I’m always buying different shades. Often times I get home and hate the shade on me, but there have been a whole lot of winners. Some people believe different shades work for different seasons, but I believe if it looks good on me I’m rocking it all year long. (Lol) . National lipstick day is approaching really fast. July 29th to be exact. In light of the day I wanted to debut some of my favorite lippies for the Summer. This is a list of some of my favorite lipsticks for the summertime. They are all low cost, so if you are ballin on a budget like me, this is for you girl.

6 Lip Shades you must have for Summer:

  1. Nougat: by Modern Day Esthetics

This gloss is soft and can be worn everyday. I love that I can achieve two different looks with the same product. With the addition of a brown lip liner this lippie gives off a nude hue. Without a liner it gives off a soft pink hue. Either way this one is a summertime winner. Grab yours today from Modern Day Esthetics. Be sure to tell them I sent you.

2. Power Trip: by Half Caked

This deep crimson color is EVERYTHING! I was that girl that ran from red lips but not anymore chile. I love this bold color against my skin. Not to mention my love for matte, yes ladies its matte and it smells just like cake. I mean just heavenly. One more sweet thing about it is it’s veagan!!! Grab this piece of heaven at

3. Violet Mints: by Chrissyy's Lip Candy

This is one of my absolute favorite shades. This color is bold and stands at attention. It is perfect for any Summer wardrobe and is a Summer must have. One coat of this beautiful color is plenty. And guess what girl it is matte and long lasting. I ate lunch and all and not a smidge was gone. Now tell me that isn't long lasting. Grab this beauty from Chrissyy. Be sure to tell her I sent you.

4. Chocolate: by Chrissyy's Lip Candy

Another gem from Chrissyy is this shade chocolate. This is my go to shade. When I’m not rocking my gloss, I am most likely rocking this shade. I love the color and just like the violet mints shade it is long lasting. I found love when I found this lippie. Grab yours today from Chrissyy's Lip Candy.

5. Give me Mocha: by Wet n Wild

This baby is from Wet n Wild's megalast liquid catsuit line. It goes on like butter but dries in a matte finish. I absolutely love it. Suprisingly this product is long lasting. I reapplied after about 6-8 hours. This color is perfect for Summer and really every season. I first fell in love with this lippie in Dominican Republic last year for my friend's wedding. I wore this on my lips for the wedding and have been married to this shade ever since. It is lightweight and pairs well with my melanin skin. You can find this gem in local stores and also at Wet n Wild.

6. Vibrate: by Le Beaute Fatale

Bold, fierce and commands attention. I'm not just describing me but, I share these characteristics with this shade called vibrate by le beaute Fatale. I received this beauty in my Ipsy bag last year and fell in love. This bold magenta shade is beautiful and perfect for Summertime. A girl can't have enough pink and she definitely needs this one in her summer makeup bag. Not only is the color beautiful but this baby is packed with vitamin E. It's a moisturizing lipstick which makes it a summer must have. You can grab your new favorite lipstick here.

As I’ve told you July 29 is national lipstick day, so be sure to check out all my faves at the handles I've listed. I’ve told you mine now it’s only right you tell me yours. What are your favorite lipsticks for Summer?

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