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Time is of the Essence Fashion Show: My Experience

Time is of the Essence Fashion Show: My Experience

This year's Essence festival weekend was LIT. So Lit yall and it was located as usual right here in my hometown, New Orleans. They celebrated their 25th year anniversary and went all out. Ya girl was all up in it. I had so much fun. The highlight of my weekend was the Time is of the essence fashion show hosted by Curvy Gurl Collections. Curvy Gurl put on a great show Saturday. The show was constructed amazingly. This was my first time seeing a fashion show from behind the scenes. I watched as the models got hair and makeup done, as designers made last minute changes and executions, as vendors set up shop to provide customers with an awesome experience and pretty much everyone run around like busy bees trying to provide prefection. I met so many amazing people with amazing products. Your in luck because I will list them all at the bottom of this post. Now on to the good stuff....

Preshow Makeup

Preshow Makeup

The fashion show was created by the fabulous Andrionna Williams from Atlanta, GA. She is the designer behind the brand Curvy Girl Collection. To have met her in person was a blessing. Just talking to her the few minutes I did gave me my whole life. She is such an inspiration. She took an idea she had and turned it into a complete business.


Andrionna and I

Her inspiration for the show came from her attending and being apart of many fashion shows in the past. After every past show she would be moved and saw visions of how she could have done better. So she put a plan in motion and more importantly got her tribe together and did just that. She is evidence of the quote “She believed she could, so she did.” She put on the show of her dreams. "I can never do anything by myself, I need my people to make anything a success," Andrionna quoted during her show. I love how much she acknowledged the people who helped bring her visions to life.

The hosts of the show were the Fabulous Trina Braxton, the stunning Amiyah Scott, the fashionable Marlo Hampton and the personable Quentin Harris.

Trina Braxton and I

Trina Braxton and I

Amiyah Scott and I

Amiyah Scott and I

All the host did an amazing job. They kept the audience engaged especially Trina. I talked to her after the show and she is amazing. I felt like I've known her forever. Amiyah was very welcoming and owned her New Orleans spirit. I didn't get a chance to speak personally with the other two host but their performance on stage was phenomenal. My favorite thing about the show was seeing so much confidence. Yall know how I feel about confidence. Because I lacked it for so long witnessing it in others gave me chills. Everyone from the host to the models poured themselves out on the stage. The curvaceous models that strutted across the stage gave me so much life. They did such an amazing job and they definitely rocked the runway!
There were so many designers featured in the fashion show including; Curvy Gurl Collections, Tracy Nicole, I Candy, Aishae Couture, K Roussaw, Diva Bigg, Candence Caprice Design, Mya J Nea, AMJ fashions and many more. It's so hard to choose a favorite because I loved many pieces from each collection. Usually when we think of models we imagine tall and slim women, but the curvaceous women that walked the stage took the word model to a whole new level. They did their thing and WORKED IT chile. Watching them was probably my favorite part of the show. I really love the concept of this well put together show. Body positivity was definitely expressed and definitely put forth. I can't wait to see the growth that takes place for events to come. Did I mention this was the first ever fashion show put on by Andrionna. I just want to encourage you girl to keep going. You got something and your vision is beautiful. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Some extras that took place was the creator of the show was proposed to and had a very heartfelt moment right in the middle of the show with her family. They had all of us crying. Angela Yee from the hit morning show The breakfast club passed through and blessed us with her presence, as well as Tequan Richmond. You know Drew from Everybody hates Chris. There was a fabulous dance routine put on and singer Justin Garnier blessed the stage with his beautiful voice. We even got a lil New Orleans with a shake down for a giveaway. When that beat came on you know the New Orleans girls took over. (Lol) Overall the show was a success. I had a great time and made some lasting connections. Time was definitely of the essence and essence was surely the theme of the show. Special thank you to Rhonni for inviting me.

Some of my favorite looks from the show:


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