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Sometimes life throws us things that we never think we’d get over, but somehow, someway we are here. Welcome to my blog, where my goal is to encourage, inspire and empower every reader that visits. I document my real life experiences in hopes of encouraging you to keep on going, while ensuring you that YOU GOT THIS!

Everyday I'm... Procrastinating

Everyday I'm... Procrastinating

Cues Rick Ross's, Everyday I'm hustlin, everyday I'm hustlin, ever day I'm... If you could see the plans, goals, and thoughts inside my brain, you'd think that girl is going places.  But, I feel stuck,  time is racing yet I'm still at the start of the race.   I've finally figured it out.  I now know the one thing I'm really good at. As the music still plays in the background faintly I hear (everyday I'm... ) I have mastered the art of Procrastination.  I have all those goals and plans I've set in my head, but I'm not getting things done. Why?  Are my goals not important enough to not only think great thoughts, but put them into action?

Energized, ready and eager, yet I never set the plan in motion.   Procrastinating at its finest. Wikipedia defines Procrastination as habitual/intentional delay of starting or finishing a task despite its negative consequences.   OUCCHH!  You know it hurts when you are convicted with your truth.  Unfortunately this is my mine. The reason I  don't succeed at many of the goals I set is because instead of actively getting things done, I wanna plan in my head and of course by the time its time to get to work I have another agenda. Distraction after distraction.   When I should be editing pictures , I'm scrolling through IG posts. When I should be working on my blog instead I'm catching up on reality TV. With a million and one things to do on my to-do list I find a way to do things that bring absolutely no value to my life, and could possibly bring negative consequences,  yet still I PROCRASTINATE.

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Life is so short and in the blank of an eye it could be over.  When I think about this, I think about the legacy I want to leave when God decides to call me home.  What will people remember Yadie for?  I know one thing,  they will not remember the thoughts, goals, or plans that are in my brain.  A dear friend of mine passed away last week and on Wednesday we celebrated her home going.  She left her legacy.  She left behind her love, wisdom, encouragement, passions, and touched so many people.  It broke my heart when I heard she passed, but attending her funeral assured me that she lived in her purpose.  Although she is no longer here physically her legacy lives on.  She went for what she wanted at all cost.  She did not allow cancer to stop her from living her best life, but with it she continued on and encouraged everyone along the way.  She created the legacy she wanted to leave behind.  This got me to thinking, will I be remembered in this way? Am I doing everything in my power to live my life to the fullest?  I have decided to make a conscious effort to do better. It should be easy to commit to making a better life for myself and creating the legacy I want. Witnessing my friend accomplish her goals despite her circumstances inspired me.   "NO MORE PROCRASTINATION "

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Eric Thomas once said, if you procrastinate at your goals then they were never were important to you.  Things that are important to us we do not put off.  As I  sit and reflect, I ask myself what's important to me, are my goals important enough to stay on task? Of course I say yes, but my actions show differently. All because I'm so interested in nonessential things, I miss opportunities to better my own life. I got away from  writing down my goals as a result of procrastinating I guess.  As of late I have been  writing them down again.  I've learned that when I do this, I accomplish more. Even when I don't complete a task or reach my goal, by writing my plans out I can still strive to reach them.  When you have a clear mind and actively go for what you want, you get more done. You even become confident in self.   Which leads to more "I can do this" attitudes and less look at what such and such is doing. Seeing your goals reminds you that you still have work to do. And when a goal is not met seeing that you have not reached it makes you want to keep going to get it done.   Eliminating procrastination will take you to greater heights.  Write down your goals and have an action plan to follow up with.  Reward yourself for completing tasks and accomplishing goals.  Small victories equal big wins.  Put  away the distractions and get to work. What's your theme song;  everyday I'm hustling or everyday I'm procrastinating?

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Let's talk about it. What are some ways you procrastinate? What are some ways you've overcome Procrastination? Drop a comment below.

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