Sometimes life throws us things that we never think we’d get over, but somehow, someway we are here. Welcome to my blog, where my goal is to encourage, inspire and empower every reader that visits. I document my real life experiences in hopes of encouraging you to keep on going, while ensuring you that YOU GOT THIS!

Just Go For It!

Just Go For It!


 I vacationed in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in June of this year,  while there one of the excursions we did was ziplining.  I was so terrified to do it.  I put on a good face for my fearless 6 year old son , who was ready.  I mean this child had absolutely no fear at all.  He even wanted to go by himself.  All while I'm standing there 31 years old, and scared out of mind. My son gets strapped to the lines and my heart sinks.  He smiles so big, I swear I saw all his teeth, as he takes off in the air I hear him yelling with joy.   My two nieces take their turn and now I'm up next.    Maybe I can run now, I think to myself, or maybe I say it aloud because my husband then yells "come on YA, I know you not scared."  I stand there mumbling if you only knew.  Eventually I sucked up that scary feeling and was strapped to the lines and.... started yelling to the top of my lungs. Not with joy either. (LOL)  Then almost immediately I realized it wasn't that bad.  I stopped yelling, opened my eyes and took in all the beauty that was surrounding me. Birds flying at eye length, gorgeous greenery and people that seemed the size of ants from this height.  It was breathtaking and in a good way.  In the blank of an eye I faced my fear and it turned out to be an amazing experience.  After 5 zips I thought I was a pro.  I was ready to take on the world. 

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Too often we allow fear to stop us from doing the very things we are purposed for.  We hope and dream about such things, but the least bit of doubt ceases us from persuing or sometimes even starting something.  The fears of the world stop us cold in our tracks and we hault. Excuse after excuse start to become our beginning and end.  The thought of starting a blog seemed almost impossible to me. I've always had a love for writing.  Mostly for my own pleasure as an outlet for my emotions because journaling is so therapeutic and I loved creating poetry.  I've always been really secretive with my writing though.  I didn't want others to read my work because I never thought it was good enough. I was always so afraid of what others would think.  For awhile now I've been "soul searching," trying to find my purpose, asking God to reveal to me my purpose and guide me on the path He wants me to follow.  My thoughts have been going back to my first love, writing. Which I've slowly over the years have given up.   I recently have been waking up and going to bed with writing on my mind.  The thought of blogging came to me and immediately I dismissed it, but it started to haunt me.  Everywhere I turned there was something about blogging.  I started to research it and  found a lot of good content, but I told myself YOU CAN NOT DO THIS!  "First of all you are boring my girl, your life is far from perfect, and don't nobody care what you have to say," is what I say to myself.  Not to mention I have no idea where to start nor do I know exactly what creating a blog entails.  Immediately I allowed fear to come creeping into my little head.  That same fear that almost kept me from the awesome experience of ziplining in Punta Cana.


I started to pray about the idea of blogging.  Again waking up and going to sleep with it on my mind, yet I was coming up with every excuse on why this wasn't for me.  "Who cares what you think?"  "What if people don't like it?"  "What if I fail?" Were the questions that started to take over my mind.  But one morning as I was getting ready for work, I asked myself, "What if you succeed?'  You will never know if you don't try, I tell myself.  Truth is I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, but I know I love to write and much more I love to encourage and help people.  I could fail, but what is exactly would I be failing at?  I start to hear the sounds of DJ Khaled's, All I do is win playing in my head.  I think, what is failure? You either win or you learn.  So in essence all you do is win.  If you fail once at something, it becomes a learning opportunity.  Don't be afraid of failure, embrace it. 


Fear was created to scare us.  The word itself is pretty scary.  It can be quite powerful, but  the way to kill fear is with faith.  Faith has power over fear.  Because fear is of the mind, but faith is of the heart.  If you believe and have faith you will  be successful, even if you fail.  Because remember a fail is still a win that teaches you what to do differently.  Have faith to overcome fear.  But, remember faith without works is dead.  You must put in the work along with the faith you posses and God will take you to infinite possibilities.  Decide today to step out on faith and do that thing that God has placed in your heart to do.  You may fail,  people may think you're crazy, and they may even talk about you, but so what! GO FOR IT!  You might just succeed.  "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord:  and he delighteth in his way.  Though he may fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand." (psalm 37:23,24)  This scripture assured me that everything will be ok.  But of course I wasn't done with the excuses. Next came "what would I write about?" "who would want to hear from me?"  I pondered on these thoughts for awhile and one day God was loud and clear and said: " Yadie, you struggle everyday with the challenges of the world, write about your experiences and give your testimony and help someone else."  I'm always down for helping others but God you want me to be this transparent for everyone to see? "Lawd! I really gotta do this."  Cause listen when God speaks loud and clear, you BETTA be obedient.  

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I know there are some people out there praying for their dreams to come true, but killing them by making excuses and allowing fear to reign in their lives.  I speak from experience when I say fear will only hold you back from your destiny and the beauty of this world.  Do that thing God has purposed in your heart.  Don't allow fear to win. God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, power, and a sound mind.( 2Timothy 1:7)   I have decided to ditch fear and follow my passion as a writer and true helper in this world and hopefully I can reach somebody and encourage them through my experiences. Join me as I JUST GO FOR IT!  Maybe I fail at this but maybe, just maybe I will succeed.  Guess what,  that goes for you too!   Let go of fear and JUST GO FOR IT GIRL!




"How I went from poor me, to please pour me a drink and celebrate with me"

"How I went from poor me, to please pour me a drink and celebrate with me"