Who’s That Girl

Black woman wear jeans and purple kimono top.

Hello Friends,

I am Lynyadia, but all my friends call me Yadie. I am a proud brown skin girl from New Orleans, LA. I hold two very important titles; wife and mom. Aside from that I am a writer, lifestyle blogger, encourager and lover of Jesus. He’s my homie. My goal is to encourage, inspire, and empower every reader that visits my site. Life gets crazy and sometimes difficult and to know that someone understands is sometimes all we need. That’s why I created this platform . I’ve been through and am still going through life’s ups, downs, twists and turns; thus the birth of IV GREY BLOG. As a wife, mom, and all in between life gets crazy, but God! He has called me to walk in my purpose and passion of writing and helping. So my hope is that this blog will encourage, inspire, and empower you to live your best life. Of course I’ll throw in some lagniappe fun content as well. I’m here to ensure you that YOU GOT THIS. Thank You for visiting and please return.